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Why I Adore VIP Wrestling

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

On July 30th, I attended a VIP Wrestling show for the second time. My first time attending a show, I loved every second of it. So I knew that I would love every minute of this show and I did. To say that I adore VIP Wrestling would be one hell of an understatement.

Keith Roberts and Lou Gotti...I can't tell y'all how grateful I am for those two. They love professional wrestling and they do an amazing job with their efforts of putting together a great show. They're passionate and they're dedicated to VIP Wrestling. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you very much. The tag team championship tournament at the last show was spectacular. There's one reason why I adore VIP Wrestling; they put together a HELL OF A SHOW!

Speaking of Lou, he's an amazing wrestler and his heel persona has a very unique and charismatic swagger. And speaking of unique and charismatic swaggers with heel personas, I feel the same about Nastico(The best manager in wrestling) and Madi Wrenkowski. Same with Chris Dickinson and Homicide. What I really admire about Madi is that she's fully driven to taking her unique and charismatic swagger to the next fullest. Nastico really takes his villainous managerial skills to such a great level. Nastico is one of a kind and whether anyone likes it or not, he's the best manager in wrestling...deal with it, haters!

It's truly always an honor watching Killa Kate compete. Killa Kate is a good friend of mine and when you're friends with a pro wrestler, you support them. I totally regret not being able to attend VIP Wrestling's event on June 26th because Killa Kate wrestled against Masha Slamovich and being a fan of both, it was certainly a match I would have loved to see. Kate and Masha are both super amazing.

Furthermore, it's always an honor to watch Shane Taylor compete, as well. Not long ago, Shane was on Wrestling With A Bear. In my case, Shane allowed me to interview him. And interviewing a professional wrestler on a podcast was something I'd been wanting to do and Shane gave me that chance. And to show my gratitude, I plan on attending as many shows as possible with him working.

Lately, I've been becoming a big fan of Chandler Hopkins. The dude's immensely talented! Five times I've watched perform. Once for AEW Dark, twice for Pale Pro Wrestling, and twice for VIP Wrestling. I absolutely adore watching this guy perform. Unbelievably phenomenal. One of a kind.

There's the main reason right there; because VIP Wrestling brings in unique and superior talent. God, I love it. Every performer I've seen at VIP Wrestling has impressed me. With great talent comes AMAZING matches. That's what VIP Wrestling is all about!

So why do I adore VIP Wrestling? Because I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Furthermore, I go home a very happy camper.

The next show takes place on September 10th! GET YOUR TICKETS at prowrestlingdallas.com

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