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VIP Wrestling 4/23/2021

Should I say it? Well, if I live with a phrase that goes like, "I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, so help me, God," I just might as well, right? Well, I am officially addicted to independent wrestling shows! Thanks to Kris Rex...but that's a blessing. I am very grateful to him. Because indy wrestling is so unique...and it's fun.

On April 23rd, I attended VIP Wrestling. After Kris and I interviewed Ring of Honor's Shane Taylor, Shane informed us that he's got a booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which is where I live. I felt that I needed to be at the show. I was grateful that Shane was very kind to be on our show. In addition, Killa Kate was wrestling that night, and I had a promise to fulfill her. I like to keep my promises and I like supporting hard-working indy wrestlers as best as I can.

The card that night was absolutely amazing. As the show was advertised, the card was...STACKED! I actually had the chance to meet JTG. Yeah, that's right! JTG from Cryme Tyme! He's an amazing guy. I personally thanked him for everything he's done and I even expressed my appreciation for everything the late Shad Gaspard did, as well. JTG was really thankful and it really felt good to tell him how grateful I am. God bless him and Shad.

I had a great time. The opening bout featured Chase Owens vs Barrett Brown for the Texas Heavyweight Championship. Two wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Both are amazing wrestlers. Owens is a member of the Bullet Club stable. The match was high-caliber. Many amazing maneuvers and many near-falls. Owens even performed a Styles Clash off the turnbuckle and even executed a One-Winged Angel! I could have sworn I saw a Michinoku driver! Both guys were truly amazing. I praise both competitors.

The next few matches were enjoyable. There was some tag-team action. One of the tag-team matches featured some amazing high-flying Lucha libre action. Ninja Mack was part of the match, so we were in for a surprise. Honestly, what I loved was the flying codebreaker which was the finish of the match! Ninja Mack...I really love this guy. He can fly!

A Champion vs Champion match between Lou Gotti and Gino Medina. Very entertaining. Gotti's manager Nastico really did something that I really loved. Being the heel that he is, he really did something that was...AWESOME. Nastico is really good at playing the heel. I saw him when I was in Tampa. So I am glad to have seen him perform for multiple promotions.

Another wrestler that I watched at Generation Championship Wrestling was also on the card. I am talking about Izzy James. James was originally supposed to have a match with Matt Cross, but Cross didn't make the show. I am not sure why, but Bryan Keith was the replacement. Izzy James...I got to say that the dude is really talented. That's THREE matches I've watched him compete in. The dude's very good. I like the gimmick. Izzy truly has passion and I like how he's driven with his character. Keith and Izzy worked a great match.

The match between Killa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski. When I was in Florida, I watched Kate work two matches. Speaking to her was really a blessing. Kate's just an amazing person. She's a friend of a friend. As I mentioned before, I promised her I'd make as many of her shows as possible. Kate and Madi really did a good job. Madi really takes her heel status to the next level. She's creative with her character. It's the same thing with Kate. They're both very driven. I praise both. The match was very nice. As Kate was making her entrance, she did see me in the crowd and she did interact with me. Kate would win by submission. Kate...you are awesome!

Next up, Shane Taylor vs Darius Lockhart! When Shane made his entrance, he did recognize me and he did look surprised to see me. My goal was to surprise him. Shane's an amazing performer as is Darius. The match was aggressive. Shane threw some pretty good punches which is no surprise considering he's a trained boxer! Truly a hard-hitting match. Shane would win but it's what happened after the match that is worth talking about. Shane would grab the mic and cut an amazing promo. I am not going to spoil the surprise but y'all HAVE to see it. Both men are tremendously talented and they're fun to watch. And the promo...you have to see it!

JD Griffey vs Chris Dickinson. I am pretty sure Griffey was at the show I attended while in Tampa. The dude's very good. He's a very good heel, a very good performer, and he has a habit of taking his heel status to the next level. Let's be honest, if you're going to be a heel, then you might as well keep taking it to the next level. You have to make the crowd hate you. This match was intense. Watching this match really gives you the thought of, "this is how a face vs heel match intensity goes!" In other words, the match went very well.

Of course, when you get to the second-to-last match of the evening, the excitement intensifies! Especially when you see watch a triple-threat match that involves Lio Rush! The other competitors were Will Allday and Chandler Hopkins, both very good wrestlers. The match went exactly the way high-caliber triple-threat matches are supposed to go. The fans really got into it. In my case, I was super excited to be watching Lio Rush again. That's three matches I've watched him work in person. The match didn't go wrong at all.

And now...the MAIN EVENT!

JTG vs Homicide. The winner officially becomes the UNDISPUTED VIP Champion! Two very big names in wrestling. JTG is well-remembered for his WWE tenure as a member of Cryme Tyme. Homicide is known for his work in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling as a member of the LAX stable.

A two-out-of-three falls match. Homicide would take the first fall after a pinning JTG in a roll-up after a low blow. Again, Homicide's the heel, and this the work of a heel. JTG then wins two straight falls to win the match and he's the undisputed VIP Champion.

The match was in the words of good ol' JR Jim Ross...a slobberknocker! Homicide even performed the three amigos! Shades of the late Eddie Guerrero. And I could have sworn JTG performed an End of Days and/or a Michinoku Driver? The excitement was so deep in my head, it's very hard and damn near impossible to remember the match move by move. All I know is that it was a unique main event! Kudos to Homicide and JTG. Veteran knowledge equals high-caliber matches.

The show was absolutely fantastic. I am glad that I got a chance to meet Keith Roberts, the owner, founder, booker, and ring announcer of VIP Wrestling. The dude's absolutely amazing. When I told him how much I enjoyed the show and how I was going to talk about it with fans, he was very grateful. Here I am keeping my promise as I am putting his show over. It was absolutely incredible. Keith...keep up the good work, dude! I can't wait to come back to a show!

To Keith Roberts and Lou Gotti...you boys are amazing! I hope to see y'all again soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you're a pro wrestling fan in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and you like going to independent shows, VIP Wrestling is a must-go-to place. Trust me!

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