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The Time The Rock Made Me LMAO!

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

When I was a kid, I certainly had the blessing of watching Raw Is War every Monday night! When I officially became hooked to pro wrestling on January 4th, 1999, my life was forever changed. It's funny how when I first got into wrestling HHH was the good guy and The Rock was the bad guy. Soon, the roles reversed but either way, I was really appreciative because I adored the content.

Not long after HHH became the company's top villain and The Rock became the company's top babyface, I began to get more and more into wrestling. I always that 2000 and 2001 was the peak of the Attitude Era, but 1999 really helped build the momentum.

I always say that my favorite wrestler is Chris Jericho. I've been watching him wrestle since 1999. While Chris Jericho is my wrestling hero, I've always looked up to The Rock. I always say that Jericho and Rocky taught me to stand up to bullies. Their promos insulting the villains really did inspire me. Even today, I enjoy watching those promos on YouTube.

Truth is, there are so many amazing moments from The Rock's career that I remember and enjoy. But the one that I think about on a daily basis has to be when he was the special guest referee in a match between HHH and British Bulldog for the WWF Championship. I remember seeing it on television when I was six.

The whole segment was beyond entertaining. The Rock enters the ring and cuts a promo and then British Bulldog comes to the ring and soon he and The Rock begin trading punches before Rock clotheslines Bulldog out of the ring. Keep in mind, the confrontation between Bulldog and Rocky was before HHH even made his way to the ring! Not long after HHH makes his entrance and throws Bulldog back in the ring and soon goes for the cover while The Rock purposely turns his back and ignores it. After that HHH gets up to confront Rocky and after about five seconds Bulldog gives HHH a shot to the groin and The Rock allows it.

British Bulldog is now in control and The Rock decides that he has something to say so he grabs the commentary headset and begins laying the smackdown on Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. Now HHH and Bulldog are brawling in the ringside area and once they get back into the ring, HHH executes a pedigree on Bulldog and again goes for the cover and...well, no count. Instead, The Rock applauds HHH and even gives him a thumbs up. Now things intensify as HHH and Rock then go at it and HHH soon receives a spine buster. After that, Rocky again goes to the commentary table while Bulldog crawls towards HHH and covers him but there's no referee! Oh, and let's NOT forget the fact the Rocky never even lost his sunglasses while executing a rock bottom!

All of a sudden, The Rock slides back into the ring, and one...two...IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROCK COUNTS TO THREE! The highlight of the entire match! The reaction on Bulldog's face still makes me laugh. Immediately, Bulldog goes outside the ring, grabs the WWF title, and prepares to hit HHH but at the last second tries to hit The Rock only to duck, hit Bulldog with a right hand, pick up the belt, and hit both Bulldog and HHH. Rock then gives Bulldog a People's Elbow then leaves the ring with the belt. So I guess the match ended in a no-contest, right?

HHH then storms backstage looking for The Rock and suddenly The Rock strikes HHH from behind with the belt, then throws to belt to the ground, and the Bulldog jumps in the fray and he and The Rock then began fighting into another room. HHH then gets up and walks back to his locker room only to be attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin. This was all part of the buildup for Austin and HHH at the 1999 No Mercy PPV event.

The whole stunt was spectacular. My little bro and I loved it so much that we often imitated the stunt. I remember that my Mom was watching the show with my brother and me and she thought the whole thing was entertaining. It was so funny.

So if I ever have the blessing to meet The Rock, I have to tell him about this particular moment. And, of course, I want to personally tell him how he taught me to stand up to bullies. The Rock still to this day is dedicated to entertaining the millions and millions!

Thank you, Rocky.

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