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Pale Pro Wrestling: Pushing Limits

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

At this point, I am beyond blessed to tell the entire world that I have a great passion for independent wrestling shows. Since April, I have covered three shows and they'll all been amazing. Generation Championship Wrestling, VIP Wrestling Dallas, and Pale Pro Wrestling.

When I was in Tampa covering GCW, I received a message on my Twitter inbox from Kyle Hessler, the promoter of Pale Pro Wrestling. He personally asked me to attend his upcoming show and I was happy to do it. I am at a point where I have a great appreciation for independent wrestling as well as independent pro wrestlers. For me, it's the opportunity to make more connections and to further build my writing career. I am grateful to Kyle for inviting me to his show.

Mad props to Kyle for putting together one hell of a show. He's very passionate about pro wrestling. He's very ambitious, dedicated, and committed to his wrestling promotion. The way he prides himself is very essential and key to the success of his promotion. He loves what he's doing and very good at his job. Furthermore, Kyle does a very good job of advertising his show on Social Media. To say he's 100 percent focused on his promotion would one hell of an understatement.

The card was amazing. Mike Bennett worked a match with Chandler Hopkins. Bennett did something that frankly did not surprise me because he did this in Florida after his match with K.C. Navarro. After the match, Bennett grabbed the microphone and praised Hopkins. Both men received a large standing ovation. In my case, this wasn't the first I've watched Chandler work a match. He's incredible.

Three title matches on that card. Each title match was outstanding. Honestly, there's nothing negative to say about any of them. The crowd was excited and everyone really loved what they saw. The main event was Sam Adonis defending the Pale Pro Wrestling Championship against Jeff Cobb. The match was so awesome that a very unexpected change took place! Again, the element of surprise kicks in, and the audience is shocked. When something absolutely unexpected takes place and the audience is swerved, you know fans will be hungry and determined to come to your next show.

Speaking of surprises, Ninja Mack made a surprise appearance. That's TWO consecutive shows I've attended that he's come unexpectedly. The dude is absolutely amazing. The martial arts, the high-flying, the acrobatics, I can honestly say that Ninja Mack would do well in a James Bond movie!

I am grateful to all wrestlers who worked a match. Praise to all of them. It was certainly great to see Nastico! Yes, that's right! The best manager in wrestling was there! As a matter of fact, he's the show's General Manager! Every show I've covered, Nastico was there. He's very genuine and driven. I spoke to him after the show and he's a great guy. I truly did shed a tear after the show because of how amazed and grateful I was to everyone who put on a great show for me. I felt the same way after VIP Wrestling and Generation Championship Wrestling. Again, my point, I love independent wrestling.

I am so happy that I attended this show. Quite honestly, I am determined to attend the next show. I've already spoken to Kyle about it and he was thrilled.

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