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Natalya Is My Hero

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

I've loved professional wrestling since January 4th, 1999. Yes, the night Mick Foley won the title on Raw Is War forever changed my life. It was that moment where I became addicted to professional wrestling. That went on until 2008 when I sort of lost interest in pro wrestling and felt like I'd never get my love for it again.

Why did I lose interest? I don't know. Maybe I grew tired of the PG content and just didn't like the content WWE was producing or maybe because I had finally had it with people giving me a hard time about loving it. Honestly, I don't know.

In 2011, I fell into a very deep depression. Because I was starting college and I learned I had to take remedial courses due to poor results on the entrance exam. I felt that my dreams of becoming a Sports Journalist were over and that I'd never get through and graduate. Keep in mind, I've suffered from ADHD since I was five, and it's hard for a person with a learning disability to get through college. Regardless, I did graduate from college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and since then I've been paid my dues, worked extremely hard, sacrificed, etc. just like an aspiring pro wrestler.

Every now and then, I almost fall back into that deep black hole of deep depression. But thanks to some very good and close friends, I manage to avoid it. My life is brutal and I continue to work hard because that's all I can do. It's up to me to make it to the promised land. Like pro wrestling, sports journalism is a very tough industry to work and succeed in.

As part of the recovery process back in 2011, I began to watch professional wrestling again as a friend suggested. So I began watching and soon a beautiful professional wrestler from Calgary, Alberta, Canada named Natalya caught my attention.

Natalya is a veteran professional wrestler. She's the niece of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and the daughter of the late Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Of course, the late Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith are her uncles, as well and she's Stu Hart's granddaughter. I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for the Hart wrestling family. I've always admired Natalya's unique wrestling ability.

When I first noticed Natalya, it wasn't just her beauty that caught my eye, but her amazing wrestling ability, as well. She's such an amazing technical wrestler and much like her father, uncles, and grandfather, she's TOUGH! Everyone knows that I am a very outspoken supporter of women's professional wrestling. And Natalya has worked extremely hard to earn her respect and be a true pioneer of women's pro wrestling. She began in developmental meaning she also paid her dues like I am doing. Nattie paid her dues and worked extremely hard to make a name for herself. And I am doing the same. So it seems that her journey inspired mine. And I am proud to say that Natalya is one of the many who helped me recover from depression. Natalya is a beacon of enlightenment.

I am sure everyone's asking me, "Alex, I thought you said Chris Jericho was your hero!" Some will say, " I thought you said Zinedine Zidane is your hero!" Zidane is the legendary French midfielder for those of you who don't know. And I love soccer as much as I love pro wrestling. Both Zidane and Jericho are the biggest heroes in my life. But I always say that you can have a male and female hero, as well as multiple heroes. There are many who inspire others in life. Believe it or not, Jericho's promos basically taught me how to stand up to bullies. Natalya, along with Jericho and Zidane all taught me one big important thing; hard work and sacrifice will pay off.

Thank you, Natalya. Thank you for everything. And thank you for being a true inspiration to me. Thank you for playing a part in my recovery. And like your uncle Bret, you are the best in there is, the best there was, and the BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!

You are my hero, Nattie.

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