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My Love For Pale Pro Wrestling

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Pale Pro Wrestling is absolutely amazing. I've been to two shows and both were absolutely amazing. When I attended my first show, I was not only there as a fan, but I was covering the event. Yes, even sports writers will get assignments to cover pro wrestling events. And yes, pro wrestling events DO bless the opportunity to write a story. And it was a blessing to cover Pale Pro Wrestling's Pushing Limits back in June.

Last month, I had the blessing to attend Pale Pro Wrestling's State of Emergency event. Not surprisingly, the show was absolutely amazing. The end of the show...unbelievable. ONE HELL OF A SURPRISE. I kid you not, I got emotional at the end because it was such a wonderful surprise. The element of surprise is so unique at independent shows. You never know who's going to show up!

Kyle Hessler, the owner and promoter of Pale Pro Wrestling is truly a creative genius. He and I seem to be growing very close. To say that Kyle has a superior talent of putting together a good show would be an understatement. Kyle is fully determined and driven to putting together the best show possible. And Kyle...you've done a hell of a job, brother! Keep it up.

That's my love for Pale Pro Wrestling right there, ladies and gentlemen. My love for the promotion comes from the fact that it's a very good promotion and the shows are very good. Great matches, great environment. And, of course, there's the amazing talent that performs. Pale Pro Wrestling is awesome in every way. Kyle's commitment and dedication to Pale Pro Wrestling is very admiring. When a promoter loves his promotion, there's no doubt that the audience will go home and be determined to return for the next show.

Pale Pro Wrestling will have their next show on September 18th. Pale Pro Wrestling: Cheat Code. Get your tickets at palepro.com.

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