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My Friend The Wrestler

Updated: Aug 26

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Kris Rex is a good friend. In my case, for a long time, I fancied the idea to be friends with a professional wrestler. In 2020, it finally happened. I was introduced to Kris through another friend. Kris and I hosted a weekly podcast segment called Dark Side of the Podcast where he had weekly discussions on the episodes of a pro wrestling documentary series known as Dark Side of the Ring. In our case, we utilized a unique strategy; a sports writer's perspective and a pro wrestler's perspective. As the weeks went on, Kris and I began to develop a friendship. And here we are.

Although our friendship is still very young, Kris and I have done a lot together. We started our own pro wrestling podcast, we traveled to Tampa together to attend Wrestlemania and a few independent shows, and we're even selling merchandise of our wrestling podcast. It's Wrestling With A Bear. We're passionate about what we do and we take it seriously. In my honest opinion, Kris reminds me of Saul from Pineapple Express. Because Kris is loyal and he has my back. And he's caring and very supportive of me and my sports writing/podcasting career.

To say that my life is completely different from Kris's would be a major understatement. While my life has always been very tough, Kris's life is mainly of trauma, horror, and stress. For one thing, Kris was homeless for two years while he was training as a wrestler. In my case, I have the help and support of my parents. Kris doesn't have that. Kris is a fighter. He's gone through so much in life as I have. Life's been pretty good to me compared to Kris's situation. And Kris knows loyalty very well. He's had my back and I've had his. So the friendship is growing.

Kris and I are adults. Despite the struggles in life today and in the past, we strive to make the best of our lives and set sights on the future rather than be stuck in the past. Lately, it seems that Kris has been taking me deeper and deeper into the pro wrestling business. That's part of the friendship he offers; He's teaching me a few things. Yes, I am learning from him. In my case, who knows? Maybe I'll get a gig in the business.

September 10th was to be the day I finally watch Kris work a show. Unfortunately, the owner and promoter of Generation Championship Wrestling had to cancel the show and postpone GCW until January due to health reasons.

On July 24th, I attended Pale Pro Wrestling's State of Emergency event. Lately, Kyle Hessler, the promoter of Pale Pro Wrestling, and I have been growing close. I personally enjoy and dedicate myself to helping promote the upcoming shows for his promotion. At this point, because I appreciate indy wrestling so much, I feel it's my duty to help promote and advertise.

Before the show, I spoke to Kyle and asked him for a favor. Kris is looking to get some bookings at some indy promotions in the state of Texas. Because I know two promoters down here, I feel that I can help Kris out. So I spoke to Kyle and asked him to call Kris and Kyle said he would. In my case, I want to help out both Kris and Kyle. I want to make a strong difference. Indy wrestling is important to me. Professional Wrestling overall is very important to me.

Since graduating from the University of North Texas, I've been paying my dues. It's been so brutal. Very little to no compensation for my work, getting stabbed in the back by the founders/editors of a website I formerly wrote for and ultimately feeling that all my hard work and sacrifice would be all for not. Kris, along with several other close friends and Prime Time Sports Talk is who I credit for ultimately helping me regain my passion for sports writing. I should mention that Kris informed me about Prime Time Sports Talk's need for a sports writer. I applied, got interviewed, and was hired. I knew that Prime Time Sports Talk giving me a chance would help both me and them. That's what motivated me to help others as best I can. Make a difference. Instead of letting my pain get to me, resulting in a very deep depression again, I can help out those very close and important to me.

As Kris would say to me, "Be the better man, Alex."

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