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My Desire To Go To A New Japan Pro-Wrestling Event

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

So how many times have you heard me say that I am NOT the pro wrestling fan I was years ago? Dude, it's NO exaggeration. Now, I am a strong supporter of independent wrestling and I have a desire to attend shows for numerous promotions. Years ago, I had no desire for indy shows, nor shows for other promotions outside WWE. Now, things have changed and I am proud that I made such an important change in my life.

At this point, I feel like I am way beyond the status of a regular wrestling fan. Some say I am at the historian level since I've gone back and watched matches from the '80s! Yeah, that's right! WRASSLING! And, of course, all the readings and research on the history of pro wrestling. Keep in mind, I am a Sports Journalist, so it's all about learning and being eager for more learning. I am eager to know more about New Japan Pro Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, etc.

I am NOT proud of the kind of a fan of wrestling I was between the ages of 18 and 23. Unwilling to look at other promotions nor learn. The fan I am today is hungry. I am hungry to go to many independent wrestling shows. And I want to go to more AEW shows(I've been to two so far), and I want to go to an NWA show, Lucha Libre AAA show, Ring of Honor, and if I have the opportunity, I'd go to an Impact show. I did go to Wrestlemania this year, which I loved. But now, I want to explore.

Most of all, I am wanting to go to a New Japan Pro-Wrestling show. Because I want to see how pro wrestling is done in Japan. That being said that if I have the opportunity to visit Japan, I will do what I can to find a way to go to a NJPW show. While I am it, I will also look to go to a World Wonder Ring Stardom event, as well.

For those of you who don't know, I am a strong vocal, and outspoken supporter of Women's Pro Wrestling. Why? Because the female pro wrestlers can give the audience a hell of a show, as well. Women can make an impact, as well. They work just as hard and sacrifice a lot just like the men do and they deserve respect. Women's Wrestling MATTERS, everyone. So World Wonder Ring Stardom is on my list along with Thunder Rosa's Mission Pro Wrestling.

Okay back to NJPW! I am keen to learn about the Japanese style of professional wrestling. I want to see how it's done in the Land of the Rising Sun. No doubt, they have an interesting and fantastic roster. As a matter of fact, not long ago, I watched Chase Owens work an indy show. Owens is a member of the Bullet Club and he's signed with NJPW.

Out of the many reasons of my desire to go to a NJPW show, perhaps a very important one is my desire to learn something new in regards to professional wrestling. Even better, this sort of experiences gives me story ideas! In my case, as a sports writer, attending events of many promotions may present a story-writing opportunity!

NJPW has a partnership with AEW and because I love AEW, I should really check out NJPW. Did I mention that recently I watched Lance Archer and Jon Moxley fight for the IWPG United States Heavyweight Championship at an AEW event? Because the partnership between AEW and NJPW is off to a great start, I am now beginning to be part of the NJPW fan base. So it's no surprise I am determined to one day attend a NJPW event.

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